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The sleepy beach town of Summer Haven is waking up to a new nightmare--reality TV!


Lance Avery, host of 'Mysterious Expedition'--a popular adventure documentary show--is in town to investigate a sunken shipwreck rumored to be the flagship of the infamous pirate Baron Tombstone, allegedly the last known possessor of a mystical artifact known as the Hand of Cain.


Summer Haven Police Chief Becca Cole knows all about the Hand of Cain. For the last year, she's been investigating mysterious deaths tied to the artifact, with a little help from the unlikeliest of partners--the Grim Reaper...Death himself, incarnate in the flesh of one Silas Mot, who has temporarily relocated to Summer Haven to discover why people are dying before their time.

When an inexplicable tragedy strikes the TV production, rumors abound that the death can only be attributed to "supernatural causes", but Becca is determined to find an all-too human killer.


Meanwhile, Silas is facing a different sort of crisis. With each bizarre death, he's losing his powers, inexplicably transforming into a mere mortal. If Becca and Silas can't solve this latest mystery, it will mean the end of his job as harvester of souls, to say nothing of his very existence.

Dead in the Water (A Grim Days Mystery, Book 2)

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