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  J. Kent Holloway  

Bestselling author Kent Holloway lives on death. Literally. With more than twenty-eight years experience in forensic death investigations, he's seen it all. Experienced the worst that life has to give and never let it dim his sense of wonder or humor. Now, he brings all this experience, along with a zeal for uncovering the folklore and superstitions of death, to the written page as author of mysteries and forensic crime fiction!


He is the author of the fun, breezy Grim Days Mystery series, featuring delightfully exuberant Silas Mot, the Grim Reaper, as a happy-go-lucky sleuth that teams up with a small town police chief to solve a series of bizarre deaths. He's also the author of the Cold War era tropical island/voodoo/KGB-packed calypso-inspired mystery, Killypso Island and the forensic thriller, Clean Exit. 



Kent Holloway also has a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as singles minister, evangelism pastor, and director of discipleship and education. In 2019, Kent released his very first Christian nonfiction book entitled I Died Swallowing a Goldfish and Other Life Lessons from the Morgue that features tales of his real life investigations with the important lessons he's learned from them. 

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